The Cyber Laser is a Special weapon introduced in the 15.5.7 update.


This weapon is a purple body with red outlines around it. Purple lasers come from 8 sides and dispute the laser that damages the opponent. it has a gray handle and grayish black magazine.


It deals very good damage, a good fire rate, a very high capacity, and a somewhat decent capacity. It can kill players in 5-6 shots, rendering it a very powerful weapon and high capacity.

  • Take advantage of this weapons high fire rate to hold your enemies damage to you a minimum.
  • Make sure to have a primary with a good capacity if you run down the ammo to fast
  • Use this weapon with a laser back-up or sniper such as the Anti-Champion Rifle or the Laser Bow.
  • If fighting against a 3 category spam player, this weapon is a good one to "laser" them to death
  • This weapon has the highest ammo capacity in the game, so spray and prey is a good strategy as you won't have to worry about reloading too often.
  • It can shred your opponent's armor, so you can use this alone if you like.
  • Due to its accuracy, it can be used for targeting snipers. However, you should pay attention to your ammo count in doing so.


  • Pick off the user from a decent sniper range
  • you can try a melee with extended range such as the Combat Yo-Yo to eliminate the user.
  • Have a primary with a better fire rate such as the Storm Trooper Exoskeleton to easily kill the user.
  • Try to move around since this weapon's hitbox is quite small.
  • Use area damage or one-shot sniper weapons against its users.

Supported Maps

Weapon setups

Have this weapon at the end of a 3 category spam loadout, it will not make use in a laser cat spam because of the effect. Use the weapon to finish off damaged enemies


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