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Not to be confused for the pet, the Cyber Phoenix (Pet).

The Cyber Phoenix is an enemy featured in Campaign.


This monster appears to be a Cyber Phoenix, but instead it is an enemy that attacks you. It has a silver and orange head with a cyan top, with a wide, steel neck. Its body is mostly metallic and orange, and has some cyber-like details on it. The upper part of its bottom is metallic and orange, while the lower part is black. Its tail is made out of cyber, and the same thing with its wings. The cyber borders are cyan, while the rest of the cyber is made out of barriers from maps or the Barrier Rifle.


It will fly to you and peck you, dealing moderate damage.

On the Spaceship mission, it will also target the generators. On their own, they don’t deal much damage to said generators, but a swarm of them can whittle down their HP quite quickly. It would be wise to prioritize the Cyber Phoenixes that attack the generators rather than the few that decide to break off and attack you instead. Remember that their speed is moderate and they can swarm you or the generator easily.

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