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The Cyber Pistol is a Backup weapon introduced in the 15.8.0 update. It is the default Backup weapon in the Cyber Brawl mode.


It appears to be a reskin of the Pixel Gun with cyber/futuristic parts.



  • Hit targets in the head as much as possible to maximize damage and minimize ammo use.
  • This weapon is good in the Deadly Games due to the good range and decent headshots.
  • It is recommended to only use this weapon if you don't have a better backup since it is significantly weaker than virtually every Backup weapon.


  • Attack from either long ranges or close. Take cover or move unpredictably when being attacked.
  • If possible, go in with a primary weapon and move side to side to dodge the bullets.
  • The weapon has a distinct noise. Hunt down the user by following the damage indicators.
  • You shouldn't have a problem dealing with players using this if you are a high level player unless you are extremely low on health.

Supported Maps


Weapon Setups

Normally, use weapons from other categories (such as the machine gun) and use this if you ran out of ammo.


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