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The Dark Force Saber is a Melee weapon introduced in the 8.0.0 update.


It greatly resembles a Star Wars sith and dark side lightsaber, with a black and grey hilt, and a red laser-blade coming from the top. The grey is at the bottom, and the black is at the top. The grey part of the hilt has red buttons on it.


It has great mobility and high damage, making it effective for sneak attacks and escaping.


  • Try sneaking up behind enemies; you can catch them off guard by doing this.
  • Use the high mobility to outmaneuver enemies while attacking.
  • Although it had the maximum weight in previous updates, it now has a nerfed mobility of 7 instead of 4. It's recommended to use its successor/counterpart, the Elder Force Saber now for maximum speed. However, this weapon still has the faster mobility when it has been upgraded to the Dark Force Saber Up2.
  • The downside to most high damage weapons is their low mobility, so constantly switch with the Dark Force Saber to increase your speed.
  • If you’re tight on gems, it is better to use Battle Shovel instead as it is a 2 shot kill (for whoever owned it before the 15.1.0 update) and a 100 mobility even if it is not maxed out.


  • Have a fast firing, long ranged weapon when attacking.
  • Move away from the person wielding the weapon, it does not have a large range.
  • Due to its quite noisy sound and recognizable sound when swinging. You can indicate where are the users by listening closely to where are the sounds are coming from. Such as from behind.
  • Pickoff its users from long ranges.
  • Using an area damage weapon can damage them even when they strafe.
  • Catch the users by surprise with a high damaging high accuracy weapon.


Screenshot 2015-07-30-23-07-58

The Dark Force Saber in use.


High-Tech; Futuristic; Star-Wars; Sith weapons. (Possibly champion themed)

Supported Maps

Weapon Setups

Equip a weapon that has a large lethality, as the Dark Force Saber isn’t the strongest melee. Keep a weapon with a scope, as the Dark Force Saber has a short range, and is hard to keep an eye on enemies from afar. And have a fast firing weapon for medium ranges, and for finishing the opponent off.