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The Dark Matter Generator in use.

The Dark Matter Generator is a Heavy weapon introduced in the 10.0.0 update.


It has a dark grey and magenta body with a dark grey ammo clip, dark grey handle, and a spinning magenta crystal surrounded by two vertical magenta rings (Used to fire the weapon). It also has area damage. It shoots purple balls that you can shoot very fast that do area damage.


It has good damage, a good rate of fire, normal capacity, and normal mobility.


  • You can easily push players around with this gun as it has the area damage effect.
  • The projectile will leave a vortex that can continue damaging players for a few seconds.
  • Aim at the enemy's feet for better damage, unless they tend to jump and move a lot.
  • Great for enemies with wooden armor.


  • Stay away from the enemy and attack from a far distance.
  • The vortexes can be seen and travel slower than bullets, so avoiding them is easy.
  • Most enemies attack without aiming at the ground, so keep strafing while jumping around them for ensured survival.
  • Some area damage weapons can make short work with those users.



Space/futuristic/void themed. Possibly based on black holes because of the unique projectile.

Supported maps

Weapon Setups

Use a weapon or item with better mobility for easier traveling around areas.


  • It has a similar color scheme to the Wizard Wand.
  • This weapon used to have a ridiculous knockback effect on enemy players.
  • It features an explosion effect that is unique to it.
  • The sound that it makes is identical to the sound when the Alien Professor shoots.