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The Dead Star is a community-made Backup weapon introduced in the 10.4.0 update made by a fan and game player named Martin Duran.


It has black scales and metallic colors, its magazine is located in the within the gun (crystal-like object) and it has spines protrudes when it is loaded and retracts if in action or reloading and vice versa. It has a black star on its grip.


It has high damage, high rate of fire, low capacity, and normal weight/mobility.


  • Its high damage easily tears down enemy armor and eradicate the target in a single magazine.
  • Good for destroying fast targets as its very easy to aim.
  • Its high mobility can be used to attack fleeing targets.
  • Its area damage is useful for firing at masses of enemy players.
  • Shoot players feet or to their body to tear their armor and kill them quickly.


  • Pick off its users from long ranges using snipers such as the Prototype.



Dragon Theme. Likely a representation of the Ender Dragon from Minecraft. This explains the black and purple colour scheme.

Weapon setups

Bring a scoped weapon to take out targets from afar.


  • It is another community-made weapon, like the Cherry Bomb and the Sparkly Blaster.
    • However, it is the only community-made weapon that is purchasable. All others were removed.
Dead Star Sketch

A picture to commemorate the first sketch of the Dead Star.

  • It is the only backup weapon that deals large area damage.
  • After the 11.0.0 update, its Up1 form's stats was given to it after its removal.
  • This was the most expensive weapon in the backup category to cost Coin at 190, but was changed to a Gem price after 12.5.0.
  • It is one of the few area damage weapons that have are hitscan.
  • This weapon is comparable to the Nuclear Revolver.
  • This weapon is like the Portable Death Moon, Wizard Wand, Electro Blast Rifle or Eva but made into a pistol.