The Deadman's Rifle is a Sniper weapon introduced in the 15.3.0 update. It can be obtained from the Halloween Lottery event.


It has a wooden rifle stock with a grey cheek rest near the back of the stock. It also has a black trigger with a grey trigger guard.

The main body of the weapon is mainly purple with neon blue lighting. On top, it has a wooden scope with a light blue lens.

The front of the weapon features a grey/white skull with light glowing blue eyes, and a light blue mist in front of it.


This weapon has a good fire-rate for a sniper, high damage, and low mobility. It is arguably one of the best snipers.


  • Use at a distance or in mid-range maps to take full advantage of the weapon's area damage attribute.
  • Since it has area damage, you can also be less accurate with the weapon without losing any damage.
  • Aim at the floor beneath someone when shooting, as this will increase the chance of hitting a player.
  • Use shots wisely as even though the weapon has a relatively high capacity, it is still quite slow when it comes to fire rate.
  • Do NOT rocket jump with this weapon, as you will only damage yourself.


  • Stay as far away as possible from other users so that you are harder to hit.
  • Stay behind solid walls and use weapons which have the wall break attribute to pick off Deadman's Rifle users.
    • DO NOT stay too close to these walls as area damage can somewhat damage a player directly behind a wall.

Recommended Maps

Equipment Setups

This weapon can be effective if paired with another area damage weapon such as a Heavy to finish players off.


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