The Death Animations are the features introduced around the 9.2.0 update, and heavily modified (became realistic) in the 16.5.0 update. Here are the list of death animations in the game:

All Death Animations In Pixel Gun 3D!

All Death Animations In Pixel Gun 3D!

Death animations of Pixel Gun 3D. NOTE: Outdated as of 16.5.0 update, but is still useful.

Death animations

Ragdoll (Formerly Flying Angel)

  • This death animation triggers when the killer uses normal, non-elemental and non-area damage weapons (e.g. Secret Forces Rifle) or even commit suicide (regardless of the nature of the item causing the player to do so).
  • This death animation also occurs when a player is killed by a harmful effect, e.g. bleeding.
  • This death animation consists of an enemy falling onto the ground in a realistic, ragdoll-like manner (due to the arm and leg movements).
  • Formerly, a white angel flies upwards from the dead body. Now, as of the 16.5.0 update, in an attempt to make the game more realistic, this has been removed. Instead, the killed enemy will just simply fall onto the ground in a ragdoll-like pace.


ScreenRecord 2017-06-26-22-22-00 4111

Old style: The affected enemy before the explosion (Note that the death skin itself is triggered even before explosion).

  • This death animation is triggered when using explosive, fiery (except Photon-themed weapons) and/or electro-thrower weapons against its users (such as Signal Pistol, Fire Demon)
  • This death animation consists of an enemy turning into a humanoid ash with white eyeball and black iris, followed by crumbling into pieces around a second later.
  • As of the 16.5.0 update, the enemy will instead crumble into pieces and disintegrate without the eyes, their body diffusing in a similar matter to the red diffusion death animation.


  • This triggers when players use laser-type or elemental weapons (regardless of the type).
  • The color can be either red, baby-blue, green, yellow and purple. Examples include Anti-Champion Rifle, Frozen Dragon, Dragon Breath, Neutralizer.
  • It is triggered when an enemy is hit by these aforementioned weapons. It consists of an enemy in question floating before being turned into a colored dust.
  • As of the 16.5.0, they will now be sent floating once killed as if the enemy were in zero gravity, and will diffuse into a colored dust.


  • The death animations have been more realistic in the 16.5.0 update. They ragdoll as they die, as long as they are hit by normal bullets.
    • Low-end devices did not get the realistic death animations due to performance issues.


Note: They are arranged by order being stated above.

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