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The Demolition Exoskeleton is a Heavy section weapon introduced in the 13.5.0. Super-Futuristic update. It is the only Heavy weapon to feature an Exoskeleton.


The Demolition Exoskeleton takes on an overall light blue-black theme. It has two arms that all feature two rocket barrels. There is a grey-colored controller which the player holds when wielding the exoskeleton.


The user will fire one rocket-propelled grenade from each barrel forward. They travel at a decent pace as they explode in impact.

When reloading, the user will face one double-barreled rocket launchers downward before replacing the depleted magazine with a newer one before doing the same with the other rocket launcher.


This weapon deals medium efficiency, a high fire rate for a rocket launcher, decent ammo capacity and mobility.


  • As this weapon features area damage and multiple shots, be sure to aim at clusters and hordes of players to bring out the full potential of this weapon.
    • Its attribute functions the best if pair with the conjunction of Singular Grenade and unleash the barrage.
  • This weapon has multiple shots, it is advised to conserve ammo by not firing at nothing..
  • Rocket-jumping with this weapon is relatively feasible, since this gun has multiple shots attribute so that you take only the damage of 1 of the 4 shots in a single burst.
    • However, when you are at low health, never rocket jump, otherwise it will cause your death.
  • Be aware when engaging in close ranges, because this weapon could very easily hurt yourself, either causing self-explosion damage or even a Death Penalty.
  • Spam this weapon in compact maps like Pool Party (PG3D) or Silent School.
  • Keep in mind that this weapon's projectiles are slightly different from most other guns. While other guns get other launches directly from the middle/center or near the center of the player, this weapon's projectiles get launches from beside the player (This makes sense because the rocket muzzles are all on the side). Knowing this, be careful when engaging people near obstacles, because one of the projectiles can actually hit a wall or even a door frame, injuring yourself. This however makes this weapon very tricky to use.
  • Avoid close-range combat, as this gun is best suited for medium-range combat and the rockets take some time to travel.


  • Strafe around as this gun has bullet travel speed and will waste rockets easily.
    • It's the best to strike when he/she is reloading.
  • Pick off users by using Sniper weapons or scoped Primaries.
  • Use weapons that feature the slowdown function that render him/her sitting duck.
  • Use close range weapons to easily counter users.
    • When they retaliate, they will get themselves injured if firing the barrage while you deal the damages.


  • Military/Future themed.

Supported Maps


  • This gun is the first Heavy section weapon to feature an Exoskeleton.
  • Although this weapon is an exoskeleton weapon, it was released after the first 4 exoskeletons on a later update, along with the Sniper Exoskeleton under the event name of the "Exo-Pilot.'
  • When it was released, this was a barrage kill against max armored opponents.
    • However, in 15.1.0, it was nerfed to 3 barrage kill (or whole 12 mini rockets) for the sake of balancing gameplay.
      • It was further nerfed, making this a 4-5 shot kill, making it a not very smart investment for a heavy weapon.
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