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The Demon Stone is a Support gadget introduced in the 11.1.0 update.


It is a grey medallion with a shining ruby gemstone in the center. When activated, a red demon appears, which looks very similar to The Devil. It has 2 white horns, 2 white eyes, 2 black eyebrows, a black and gold pants, 2 black and gold gloves and the overall demon is red.


When activated, it transforms you into a red demon, very similar to The Devil. In this form, you have extra health and the ability to fly. You are also able to attack via melee with the demons claws too, dealing massive damage.


  • Be careful on where you're gonna land. If the duration is about to expire in a few seconds, land on a high spot, to prevent taking Fall Damage.
  • It deals 25 damage per second, making this gadget become devastating against weakened enemies.
  • Aim wherever you want on the player, since killing a person, by aiming the head, will not result in a Headshot achievement.
    • However, it has a limited range, so when attacking, use this in close quarters.
  • This has a Flight attribute, so you can escape intense situations.
  • Use this when your health is low, because you will have extra survival time.
  • When fighting Ghost Lantern spammers, you will need full health and armor points, or at least, almost full health and armor points, in order to survive against 1 ghost.
  • This gadget is very useful in Flag Capture, since you can easily fly from base to base, capturing flags.
  • These are perfect to use in escaping situation as the flight ability and extra HP can make great escapes and heal yourself with the Hitman Cape up2 and Health if there are any pick ups nearby


  • If they get the jump on you and you are forced into a close range combat use the Ghost Lantern or other high efficiency weapons and kill the Demon Stone.
  • Throw the Ninja Shurikens at the Demon Stone.
  • Use the Jetpack in order to kill a Demon Stone user, even from a certain distance.
  • Aim for the head to maximize the damage.
  • Players under the effect of the stone sacrifice their guns for Melee damage, so try and pick users off from medium and long ranges to avoid being harmed.
  • Stay out of its range.


Hell themed.


  • It is the only gadget that has flight and a melee attack attribute at the same time.
  • This gadget has a shine effect on the red if double tapped in the armory.
  • It is attached on Hell‘s Portal to activate it.
  • When activated, a pentagram appears for a half a second on the bottom of the demon, a sign that most movies and games use as a part of a ritual to summon paranormal beings.
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