The Demon Walker is a common enemy found in Hell Castle.


This monster is a two-horned red-colored demon (fallen angel) with yellow eyes (in-game appeared as white). It appears to be quite strong and muscular. Lower body looks as if its covered with brown fur. could possibly be a demonic satyr.


It will simply walk towards the player with very poor maneuvering skills and will claw at the player when it is close enough.


Difficulty Damage Health Speed
Easy 4Heart new 8Heart new Moderate
Medium 4-5Heart new 10Heart new Moderate
Hard 5Heart new 12Heart new Moderate

A full appearance of Demon Walker.



  • The weapon doesn't really matter, all you have to do is keep moving away from this monster.


  • This enemy has a strong resemblance to the Baron of Hell from DOOM
  • It's sound killed or dead is the same as the pyramid head minion.
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