The Devastator is a Primary section weapon added in the 13.5.0 update.


It is the reskin of the Photon Shotgun.

It has an overall rectangular shape with a futuristic-like appearance. It has a clip and there is a Stop sign at the rear of the gun.

It is very similar to its predecessor, only that the Photon Shotgun has a rust-like color where the rest is a mixture of yellow and steel, while the Devastator takes on a green-orange appearance.


The Devastator has very high Efficiency, medium fire rate, low-average capacity, and decent mobility.


  • Aim for the head to maximize Efficiency per shot.
    • In addition, max Primary Booster wears and equipping Piercing Shells will be 1-2 headshots kill.
  • Keep in mind that this gun has the burning attribute, so striking someone with this gun will consequently lower their health and armor drastically. If they are still alive, then the burning may finish them off.
  • Pair this with Singular Grenade to cluster everyone together and kill them in a matter of seconds with this weapon.
  • Use this for close-ranged Cata Spam.
    • At the mean time, this weapon can be utilized for weaken/finish off targets.
  • Reload often as this weapon does not have much ammunition.
    • When reloading, make sure you are safe or you will be vulnerable for a counterattack.


  • Strafe around so that people using this gun will miss you. This can lead him/her to waste their ammo.
  • As this gun is only good at close range, pick off this gun's users with a Sniper weapon or you can use a scoped Primary weapon.
  • Switch to a speedy melee to retreat from users when caught in close combat or rocket-jump away using weapons.
  • If you spot a player using this weapon, avoid them at all times, for you would most likely get killed, or burn to death.
  • A high firerate weapon may ambush the wielder and loses control.
  • Use this weapon may be effective for countering if all else failed.

Supported Maps

Weapon Setups

Due to this weapon being a shotgun, have a good sniper or a decent long-range weapon.

  • This weapon is a solid (Shotgun) Primary weapon, having high power, a decent fire rate and average capacity, you can get good gameplay in close ranged maps.
  • However, for very obvious reasons bring along a good backup weapon if you run out of ammo (preferably an area damage or a high ammo capacity weapon) and a sniper.
  • A fast firerate weapon to finish off a weakened target.


  • It is a complete re-skin of the Photon Shotgun.
  • It was released in the 13.5.0 update along with other re-skins of other weapons.
  • For a brief period of time during the 15.1.0 update, this weapon costed 195 gems.
  • The Devastator's shots are a different color than the Photon Shotgun.
  • In the current update, this weapon is 1-2 headshots kill if all pellets land on the target.
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