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The Doomsday Flamethrower was an upgrade of the Total Exterminator and cost 75 coins to upgrade. It was located in the Special section of the Armory. It could be upgraded to the Flaming Volcano ever since 8.0.0.


It was just like the Total Exterminator, except the flames were blue and the gun itself was colored purple and red. There were very small yellow dots on the handle.


Each canister held 40 rounds, with the start-up reserve at 40, and could be maxed out to 120 reserve ammo, totaling up to 160 ammo. Due to the weapon being a flamethrower, it was highly regarded as being useful in survival, due to the fact it could affect multiple targets at once. However, this was also hindered by the range of the weapon, as affecting multiple targets only worked when firing at close-short range.


  • The Doomsday part of the title was from a story where a doomsday device ended the world.