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The Double Headed Zombie is a common enemy found in numerous Campaign levels.


The Double Headed Zombie is a zombie with dark aqua skin and a very large body frame, nearly twice the size of a regular Injured Zombie.

It appears to be wearing tattered blue jeans and a shredded white T-shirt, half of which is ripped away, revealing what seems to be a missing rib. It has a red substance on its hands which resemble blood.

It has 2 heads, 1 bigger (left), 1 smaller (right). The smaller head only has a pair of black eyes and a fleck of blood atop its head, while the bigger head has a mouth with a few yellow teeth and 2 widespread red eyes. Its arms have a brown substance all over them, which could be dirt, mud, or dried blood.


Difficulty Health Damage Speed
Easy 16Heart new 4Heart new Slow
Medium 18Heart new 5Heart new Slow
Hard 20Heart new 6Heart new Slow


It will shamble towards the player and when it got close enough, it flails their right arm towards them. It has a decent maneuverability relative to its surroundings.



  • It is unknown of how they morphed together.
    • It could have been the infection's fault.
  • It appears in Co-op Survival.
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