The Dragon Whistle is a Throwing gadget introduced in the 11.1.0 update.


It is a shining golden dragon head. The horns are cyan blue, similar looking to crystal or diamond. The eyes are blood red. It also has a 'gleaming' effect. The dragon it summons is similar to the Dragon in Campaign


When used, a transparent, bright yellow dragon flies in a straight line in front of you, causing damage to whoever and whatever it hits. If it does not kill the player, it gives a burning effect.


  • Use it at players that are in one line.
  • Its range is horizontal and the length of the dragon's flight despite the actual damage covering that distance instantaneously.
  • It has large area damage below were the dragonflies.
  • Slightly damage the player before sending the dragon allows it to one-shot kill, as a dragon kill gives more points than a headshot.
  • The dragon summoned by this Gadget can travel through walls, so try using it to catch enemies retreating behind walls off-guard.
  • The dragon sets targets on fire, so if they get hit, they'll begin to take extra damage. It can even kill enemies with the burning effect.
  • This Gadget has an attribute similar to wall-break, so shooting this down a corridor with multiple enemies can deal damage to all of them.


  • Pick off its users from ranges the Dragon cannot reach from the ground, such as in the air. Bring a Jetpack or a rocket-jumping weapon with you if needed.
  • Avoid being horizontal with them as much as possible as it is instantaneous and difficult to dodge.
  • Due to the fact that dodging this Dragon is very difficult, it's best to have a good amount of armor as it can do huge damage. However, it isn't enough to one-shot max armored players.
  • Use the Disabler to prevent users from activating this gadget for eight seconds. Use this opportunity to either get away or kill them.
  • Pair a Resurrection with you in case you're one-shot by the Dragon, using your revival to either escape or attempt to kill the user whom had used the Whistle.
  • The Dragon Whistle has a 45-second cooldown, so try killing enemy players that use it before the gadget can be used again.


  • The summoned dragon has a very similar model to the Dragon from Campaign and Minecraft.
  • It is similar to Hanzo's ultimate from Overwatch.
  • Due to a bug allowing its grade to be seen, it has the grade of Legendary.
  • Despite being labeled as a Throwing gadget, you're not technically throwing anything. Instead, you are simply summoning a dragon to attack.
  • FOr some players, whenever they use the Dragon Whistle, the app just stops and their phone crashes.
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