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The Drum Magazine is a non-elemental module introduced in the 16.2.0 update.


It appears to be a drum-shaped magazine with a symbol of three white bullets on the magazine. There are also three golden bullets outside the magazine.


It is used to insert in a Backup weapon so that it can be part of a module combination.


Level Modules required Shards required Buff Shards needed to extract Amount of power it consumes
I None None +10% clip size 1 shard 1
II 5 level I Drum Magazines 25 shards +5% clip size (total: +15 clip size%) 5 shards 5
III 5 level II Drum Magazines 50 shards +5% clip size (total: +20% clip size) 15 shards 10
IV 5 level III Drum Magazines 200 shards +10% clip size (total: +30% clip size) 20 shards 15
V 5 level IV Drum Magazines 500 shards +20% clip size (total: +50% clip size) 25 shards 20


The combination in which this module can be used in is the Ball Lightning. The Ball Lightning, which also requires the Backup Energy Module and the Bandolier, deals chain damage to multiple targets.

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