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The Dual Cryo Pistols are Backup weapons introduced in the 13.1.0 update.


It has a small magazine with snowflakes on it. They have icicles sticking out at the front and is mostly red, white, and grey. It has a candy cane skin in the middle of the gun.


It has high efficiency, high fire rate, average capacity, and high mobility.


  • It's a very well rounded weapon, despite having a travel time, it performs well at most ranges, but does the worst at long range.
  • It sacrifices accuracy for speed, if one angle doesn't work, try another,and be precise where you hit it,the ammo is very low.
  • The "Slows the target" buff prevents the enemy from jumping, potentially useful for area of effect weapon swap,and having the longest slow-down duration.
  • This weapon has a hidden effect, which is area damage. It has a very small explosion that can damage a very tight group of enemies. But because of this if the enemy to close you can damage yourself.
  • It's the perfect weapon for Co-Op Survival mode if paired with the Singular Grenade. Since monsters are all pulled into one place, this weapon can take them all out in less than 20 shots (a full magazine).
  • Be careful when firing behind a fence or low cover, the shots may accidentally detonate on cover damaging the user instead.
  • It inflicts area damage; use it against enemies in a group.
  • Using this on invisible players is useful
  • Aim for the head to deal more damage.


  • You can avoid the line of sight and potentially flank the user.
  • It has light damage and in most cases, you can out-damage the user.
  • Avoiding contact with the ground as much as possible, it makes it difficult for most users to hit you.
  • Use high mobility weapons like the Scythe to outrun the projectiles.
  • The projectiles can slow you down, thus preventing jumping. Use light-damaging AOE weapons such as the 0xbadc0de# to boost your way out of the range of the user and take them down with any automatic weapon that has a scope.
  • Being a fast firing weapon, it still performs best at short-medium distances.
  • Not all projectiles hit. If an enemy is moving very fast and jumping around, 30-60% of your shots will land.
  • Its high projectile speed makes the homing capability noticeably worse, so flight can negate 90% of shots, oddly enough.

Supported Maps

Weapon Setups

Equip a weapon that can kill a player with one or two shots and use this to finish your enemy off.


  • It's part of the Cyber Santa Set.
  • This was the only remaining automatic homing weapon in the game.
    • Later on, the homing missile attribute was removed in an unknown update. To compensate for this removal, it was given the ability to do more damage when aiming at the head.
  • Even though it's not stated in the Armory, it does area damage.
  • As of the 15.1.0 update, the efficiency of this weapon has changed from 37 to 32.
  • As of recent updates, the weapon appears glitched when using as the ammo indicator appears as this is a 1-capacity weapon.
    • However, this was fixed as of the 15.8.0 update.
  • One of this weapon attribute (Homing Missiles) have been removed due to the fact that all Homing Missiles weapons got removed
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