The Dual Hawks are akimbo Backup weapons introduced in the 10.0.0 update.


The weapons have gray and yellow grips, silver and red slides, along with optics and laser sights.


They both have high efficiency, high rate of fire, average capacity and high mobility.


  • These weapons are good weapons for staying in the field, with a decent fire rate and a good ammo capacity.
    • Pair this with Jetpack for raining down shots while airborne.
  • This weapon loses accuracy when fired continuously. Try using the sights to counter this, or fire in 2-3 round bursts.
  • This weapon offers a high degree of shots to stay mobile with. Use this advantage to chase down opponents who are retreating.
  • You could use this weapon to either weaken or finish enemy players off, due to it having high ammo and the ability to deal high damage.
  • You can treat this as a Primary or/and a makeshift sniper weapon.
  • Aim on the head for maximum DPS.
  • Pair this with Cowboy Hat, max Hitman Mask and Bandolier for faster reload.


  • Avoid close contact with users. The high damage combined with the ammunition capacity and mobility makes this weapon makes it lethal at such a distance.
  • In direct dogfight, a superior firerate weapon tend to force him/her lose his/her control.
  • Try duck to cover when the user reloads, but try to avoid being caught at closer ranges when he/she finishes. The user may also switch to a secondary weapon.
  • Pick off its users from long ranges with an accurate weapon such as Anti-Champion Rifle.
  • Using Dual Hawks yourself can be effective when countering him/her.

Supported maps

Weapon Setups

  • The Dual Hawks are considered mid-range weapons. When the enemy approaches, attack with a melee weapon.
  • A high firerate weapon for counter-ambush tactic.


  • This weapon is the only dual-wield weapon with a scope.
  • This is based on the IMI Desert Eagle with a muzzle brake, a reflex sight, and what appears to be a laser sight.
  • In real life it would be impossible to aim down sights while wielding two weapons, instead, you would need the assistance of a laser sight.
  • They act like a more 'elite' version of the Dual Revolvers, boasting a higher Efficiency, flashier design, a 4x scope and a higher weapon grade.
    • However, the Dual Revolvers hold the accuracy and fire rate advantage over the Hawks, as they fire slightly faster and the bloom of the Revolvers does not spread out after continuous fire as much as the Hawks' bloom does.
    • The moderate inaccuracy and lower firerate are the trade-offs to prevent wielders overpowering.
  • This weapon is unlocked at level 27.
  • Along with the Impulse Rifle, the Combat Yo-Yo, and a handful of other weapons., this gun can be rented for free for two battles, then can be bought at a discounted price.
  • Its sound effect modified in the 12.1.0 update.
  • It takes approximately eight seconds to deplete its magazines.
  • This weapon gone to multiple changes on its Efficiency:
    • Back at its release from 10.0.0, it was 3 headshots kill.
    • It was nerfed in the 14.1.2 update, albeit insignificantly, where it takes 5 headshots kill.
    • From 15.1.0 Update, it took an extra headshot to defeat a max armored opponents.
    • In the 15.2.0, it experienced a bug that render it 3-4 headshots kill. It was fixed a day later.
  • Nowadays, it is 3 headshots kill against Polygon dummies.
    • When testing against actual player, it takes one more headshot.


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