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The Easter Bazooka Up1 is a Heavy weapon introduced in the 10.3.0 update. It is the second form of the Easter Bazooka.


The weapon has a light blue base, and breech with yellow flower details, and purple and green stripes. The trigger mechanism and iron sight has a pink finish and contains a white handle. The head is an Easter egg painted mostly in pink with yellow and blue details. It also come comes with a 4x scope, with a violet end.


The weapon deals high damage along with a blast radius, and has high mobility, however the weapon suffers from a very low capacity and fire rate. It is best used between levels 17 and 26.


  • Use this weapon when dealing with multiple players, then use a fast firing weapon to finish them off.


  • Avoid being caught in the radius of the rocket.
  • Attack the user when reloading.

    The Easter Bazooka Up1 in use.



Easter themed.

Supported Maps

Weapon Setups

Due to the 1-shot capacity, have a backup weapon in case.


  • It is removed after the Easter update of the game.
    • However, it was brought back to the Armory in the 12.0.0 update.
    • It was once again removed in the 12.1.0 update.
  • The fire rate in the Armory was reduced from 50, to 10 in the 12.5.3 update, but the fire rate on the weapon itself was unchanged.