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Warning: The following tutorial is outdated.
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This is the screen where you get free coins as your daily prize.

I know some people think getting gold is too hard, but I have found a great way to do it! Read on if you are interested. (Outdated as of the 8.0.0 update)

(Outdated as of the new update). First go on Survival. The thing with Survival you get at least 10 coins every 10,000 points. Here's a way to achieve that goal. Run around all the enemies until they are all together and have all spawned (however, if you want to push yourself, just do it immediately). Now run around the pack and shoot all the monsters you see. When you reach wave five, every wave after it is exactly the same. I hope this will help you to get coins, as you can go from 20 coins to 200 in 2 hours.

Another way to get coins is play Time Survival. First create a server so only 2 players can play(you and someone else), choose a map and play by yourself. You'll win every time. Locking the map will not give you coins or XP even if you win. If you don't have someone to play with you, You can just make a server and play by yourself. You will still get 5 coins and 15 XP by doing that. Or you can go on small maps such as Colosseum, Shooting Range, or Pool Party. As of 8.2.1., you can now get 7 coins max and (a lot) of xp if you get a lot of kills.

Also, you can play Deadly Games to earn easy money. first, you open a server of Deadly Games(Deadly Compex in case people are lazy), then you set 3 people only and 5 minutes. If you win, you can get 5 coins and 10 exp

Also, if you make your own game of deadly games that has a maximum of 3 players and a time of six mins, you will get 3 coins and 5 exp. It takes less than 30 seconds

NOTE: As of 8.0.0, you DO NOT get 10 coins every 10,000 pts you score.

Splash Damage Guns

Splash Damage Weapons make killing waves of mobs much faster. With the weapons, you can group monsters together and take them out all at once. There are two methods to this:

  • Using Large area damage weapons, which allows for maximum damage and effectively taking multiple enemies at once. 
  • Using the Total Exterminator, Doomsday Flamethrower, or Volcano, which will decrease the health of monsters at a decent rate.
  • The Tesla Generator will quickly kill everything within its short range
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