The Electric Vortex is a Special weapon introduced in the 15.4.0 update


It appears as a reskin of the Tesla Cannon.

It has a large indigo body with a light blue handle, battery pack, and 4 light blue tesla coils on each cardinal direction on the front of the weapon. It also has a light blue barrel with a dark blue ring and a light blue tip.


It has medium damage, a good fire rate, a high capacity, and a decent mobility. It is around 12-13 shots with a bit of gravitational force.

  • Use it like the Snow Storm.
  • It pulls players in, killing all of them with a few seconds. Otherwise use a shotgun or an area damage to take advantage of that for a lot of reasons.
  • Use it in medium combat to utilise its gravitational force.
  • Never pull a shotgun/flamethrower user in. Even if you do, use another shotgun/flamethrower/area damage, or just bunny hop while you’re them while trying to dodge their bullets.


  • To counter the tip above, just use the Ultimatum because of the longer range and easier to hit.
  • Use the snow storm to pull them in before you get pulled yourself.
  • Deal with them using Wyvern, Sniper Exoskeleton, One Shot or Third Eye because these weapons does not leave a laser trail.
  • Use shotguns or flamethrowers if you are caught within the gravitation force.

Recommended Maps

Equipment Setups

Have a high damage close range weapon or any long ranged weapon.


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