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The Electromagnetic Cannon is a Special weapon introduced in the 10.6.0 update.


It is a large cannon with a lot of golden details, a silver handle, an orange clip with a black electric bolt on it, and its ammunition or "energy" in the gun.


The Electromagnetic Cannon has good lethality, slow fire rate, average capacity and low mobility for levels between 12 and 22.


  • Use this in close to medium range due to this weapon not having an instant bullet travel time.
  • Burst fire, as this is usually a 1 shot and doesn't have that much capacity, but it however has a somewhat sufficient amount of ammunition for its cartridge supply.
  • Use this when others are using gadgets, thus getting multiple kills due to the chain shot attribute.
  • When running, use a mobile weapon like the Carrot Sword, due to the Electromagnetic Cannon's low mobility.
  • Quickswap, due to the Electromagnetic Cannon's low fire rate.
  • The Chain-Shot attribute is roughly similar to the Area Damage affect so it is decent at crowd control.

The Electromagnetic Cannon in use.


  • Pick off its users from long range.
  • Using higher efficiency or even high fire rate weapons should prove to be very effective against these users.

Supported Maps

Weapon Setups

Have a long ranged weapon.


  • This was added in the 10.6.0 update.
  • This is the first weapon with a chain shot attribute, with the other one being the Electro-Blast Pistol.
  • After shooting this weapon, the gun jolts to the side, and the player holding this will bring it back it place.
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