The Electrosphere is a Melee weapon introduced in the 13.0.0 update.


It appears to be a reskinned version of the Fire Orb.

It has a magenta energy ball on the top. The handle color is silver with golden lines and gold on the edges.


It has high damage, slow attack speed and moderate weight.


  • Because of its area damage, you can get in the middle of a bunch of people and use this.
  • It has a slow down target attribute, use it to slow your opponent while they're running.
  • Spam this weapon in Knife Party and rack up kills with little efforts.
  • Use a Singular Grenade to cluster everyone together and then kill them.


  • Take off its users from long range
  • Stay out of short range, as this weapon can slow you down.
  • Use a superior fire rate melees such as Power/Steampunk Fists, Katana, Leader's Sword et cetera.
  • In Knife Party, wield a melee that have at least a mobility of 90 to escape the Area Damage attribute.

Supported Maps

Weapon Setups

Bring in a long ranged weapon, and a lethal heavy weapon.


  • It's appearance matches that of the Fire Orb, being a better version of it.
  • From the 15.1.0 Update, it is now 2-3 swings kill than 1 swing kill when it was release.
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