The Enchanted Blades is a Special weapon introduced in the 16.0.0 update. It can be obtained from the Magic Lottery Event.


Each knife is has a light blue pommel, a purple grip, and a light blue/purple crossguard with a set of spikes facing towards the blade. It has a wide blade, with a purple design in the middle, and a light purple edge.

The knives circle around the user until a knife is summoned.



  • This weapon can be useful for suppressing enemies at close-medium range due to its hitbox and fire rate.
  • It is not recommended to use the Oilcan module or Explosive Ammo module combo on this weapon as it lacks a reload animation.
  • Don't try to use this in long-range, as the enemy will outrange you almost always.
  • Like most melee-looking weapons in the Special category, it doesn't work the way it appears.
  • This weapon has a huge hitbox. Use this to your advantage.
  • It can be effective against groups of enemies due to its ability to pierce through enemies.


  • Pick off the user at long range.
  • Area damage weapons and shotguns such as Big Buddy (PG3D) and Undertaker respectively can quickly eliminate users.
  • Try strafing while jumping to avoid getting hit.
  • Melee weapons can be used when outflanking users.


Information Image
  • Name: Fortune
  • Cost: 300Gem
  • Released: 16.6.0
Fortune EnchantedBlades
  • Name: Poison
  • Cost: 300Gem
  • Released: 16.6.0
Poison EnchantedBlades

Supported Maps

Weapon Setups

Equip a fast firing Primary or Backup weapon to finish players off.

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