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The Energy Shield is a Support gadget introduced in the 11.1.0 update.


It is a tiny metal base with green metal stripes surrounding it.

When activated, it deploys a light blue energy shield similar to the ones on the edge of certain maps.


It has good health, a good duration, and a long cooldown.


  • Deploy this on the main entrance in order to survive for a few more seconds.
  • Deploy this, then use Wall Break weapons and kill players with them, while you are behind the Energy Shield.
  • This can be used in Campaign and Co-op Survival as a temporary barrier inside doorways and tight entrances to prevent enemies from swarming position.


  • If the main entrance of a base is locked and there are other ways to get in, ignore the Energy Shield and go offensive mode against players inside the base.
  • Use highly efficient weapons (such as Ghost Lantern) in order to take down Energy Shields in just a couple of shots.
    • Weapons with high firing rates would also prove highly effective against this gadget. Such as the Heavy Shocker, Dragon Breath, etc.
  • It is best to destroy players rather than Energy Shields because breaking an Energy Shield will only give you 5 extra points.
  • Use weapons that have Wall Break to kill the user behind the shield. Energy Shields cannot block Wall Break weapons.


  • The barrier of this gadget looks like the same as the barriers of the Barrier Rifle (and its upgrades) and the barriers located in the edges of certain maps.