The Exquisite Bagpipes is a Primary weapon introduced in the 16.6.0 update. It can be obtained for a limited time as part of the Trader's Van event in the armory.


It looks similar to the Block Flamethrower.

It takes the form of a bagpipe with a plaid red bag, silver/red tendor drones on top, and the bass drone and chanter acting as two barrels. When fired, it's "muzzle flash" is a variety of music notes.



  • Use this weapon at medium-long ranges.
  • When engaging users at longer ranges, make sure to fire in bursts as the weapon's accuracy starts to decrease during automatic fire.
  • Aim for the head to maximize Efficiency Per Second.
  • It is effective against mobile targets on the ground or low-flying targets.
  • Use it around when around teammates to boost their damage output.
  • Reload away from the battle, as one might find that the weapon will chew through ammo quickly.
  • Conserve ammo by aiming well.
  • Due to its mobility, it is recommended to switch to another weapon when moving.


  • Pick off the user at long range
  • Area damage weapons and shotguns can quickly finish users off.
  • Strife around the user while firing to avoid getting hit.
  • Take cover from the user when he/she is firing, and try to flank around the user
  • The weapon suffers at longer ranges, use this as an advantage to pick them off with a scoped weapon.
  • Attack the user while they are reloading.

Recommended Maps

Equipment Setups

This weapon can be used as a general purpose short-medium ranged weapon. This suits well when paired with a long ranged weapon.Plus, using the Leader's Drum while using the Exquisite Bagpipes will be a big Combo!


  • It is the first weapon to feature the Increased Damage to Allies attribute.
  • The appearance of this weapon made it looks like a Special weapon more than a primary.
  • In real life, it is illogical to use a bagpipe as weapon.
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