The Eye of Ra is a Heavy weapon introduced in the 14.1.0 update.


It has a similar appearance to most of the weapons from the Exoskeleton Set (although this is Egyptian themed).

It has a golden base with two golden arms containing gems at the top, and a large one embedded in the middle arc, which is mounted on the player's back.

The scroll is written in Egyptian hieroglyphics on papyrus and rolled with two black/golden rods on the top and bottom.

The player holds a scroll in his/her hands and the Eye of Ra charges from the diamond at the top to the two gems on the arms.


This weapon deals a devastating amount of damage, has high mobility and capacity, and a low fire rate.


  • It has the highest mobility of all the heavy weapons, which gives it's users a speed advantage against the other low mobility heavy weapons like the Big Buddy (PG3D).
  • Take cover when charging, or else you may be killed while charging.
  • It is very easy to dodge, so use it in hallways or close range maps.
  • It is also Area Damage, not just Charge Shot and Burning.
  • Use this like you would the Charge Cannon, as this is essentially an upgraded form of it.
  • Unlike most other Charge Shot weapons, this weapon’s projectile comes from the top of the screen. Use this to your advantage when peeking over hills.
  • It takes 15 out of the 60 capacity to charge it fully.
  • The duration and damage of the Burning depends on the charge amount.
  • Take note that it is not always a 1 hit kill when completely charged.
    • However, the Burning will always take out the opponent if it is fully charged.


  • Pick-off users at a long range with a Sniper or a long range weapon.
  • Stay away from close combat, as you may be easier to target.
  • Dodge bullets by jumping, as it is hard to hit a player who is jumping with a charge shot weapon.
  • Its projectiles are noticeable in long range, allowing you time allowance to dodge them.
  • Be aware when he/she charges his shot, his/her projectile will release upon death. If you want to attack its users while they are charging, it is the best practice to do it from behind.
  • Avoid getting hit at all costs as it can be devastating.


Ancient Egyptian themed

Supported Maps

Weapon Setups

A rapid fire weapon to finish off weakened opponents.

Sniper Rifle to take out opponents from long distance.


  • The weapon's name refers to a being in ancient Egyptian mythology; the Eye of Ra. It is an entity which is an extension of the Egyptian sun god, Ra's power that defends the god from his enemies.
  • This, and the Anime Scythe are the only 2 Non-Champion Mythical grade weapons that can be bought in the armory. Despite this, the Hedgehog was also a mythical weapon but was later changed to a legendary weapon.
  • It has the highest mobility of all heavy weapons, the second being the Spark Shark.
  • It is removed in the early December 2018 on 15.8.0, but re-added in 15.9.0
  • In around the 16.5.0 update, it was removed from the Armory.
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