The Eye of Ra is a Heavy weapon introduced in the 14.1.0 update.


It has a similar appearance to most of the weapons from the Exoskeleton Set (although this is Egyptian themed).

It has a golden base with two golden arms containing gems at the top, and a large one embedded in the middle arc, which is mounted on the player's back.

The scroll is written in Egyptian hieroglyphics on papyrus and rolled with two black/golden rods on the top and bottom.

The player holds a scroll in his/her hands and the Eye of Ra charges from the diamond at the top to the two gems on the arms.


This weapon deals a devastating amount of damage, has high mobility and capacity, and a low fire rate.


  • It has the highest mobility of all the heavy weapons, which gives its users a speed advantage against the other low mobility heavy weapons like the Big Buddy (PG3D).
  • Take cover when charging, or else you may be killed while charging.
  • It is very easy to dodge, so use it in hallways or close range maps.
    • It is also has Area Damage, not just Charge Shot and Burning.
  • Use this like you would with the Charge Cannon, as this is essentially an upgraded form of it.
  • Unlike most other Charge Shot weapons, this weapon’s projectile comes from the top of the screen. Use this to your advantage when peeking over hills.
  • It takes 15 out of the 60 capacity to charge it fully.
    • The duration and damage of the Burning depends on the charge amount.
  • Take note that it is not always a 1 hit kill when completely charged.
    • However, the Burning effect will always take out the opponent if it is fully charged.


  • Pickoff users at a long range with a Sniper or a long range weapon.
  • Stay away from close combat and tight corridors, as you may be an easy target.
  • Dodge bullets by jumping, as it is hard to hit a player who is jumping with a charge shot weapon.
  • Its projectiles are noticeable in long range, allowing you time allowance to dodge them.
  • Be aware when he/she charges his shot, his/her projectile will release upon death. If you want to attack its users while they are charging, it is the best practice to do it from behind.

Recommended Maps

Equipment Setups

A rapid fire weapon to finish off weakened opponents.

Bring a Sniper Rifle to take out opponents from long distance.


This relic allows you to use the power of the Sun. The first adept of Ra has written this scroll, as the legend says, when listening to the Almighty God Himself.

—Weapon's description in Gallery


  • The weapon's name refers to a being in ancient Egyptian mythology; the Eye of Ra. It is an entity which is an extension of the Egyptian sun god, Ra's power that defends the god from his enemies.
  • This, and the Anime Scythe are the only 2 Non-Champion Mythical grade weapons that can be bought in the armory. Despite this, the Hedgehog was also a Mythical weapon but was later changed to a Legendary weapon.
  • It is tied with the Dragon King and Ice Club for the highest mobility heavy weapon in the game.
  • It is removed in the early December 2018 on 15.8.0, but re-added in 15.9.0
  • In around the 16.5.0 update, it was removed from the Armory.
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