The Fan’s Revolver is a Rare Backup weapon introduced in the 15.1.0 update.


Fan's revolver is a world cup and sports themed weapon that shoots out normal bullets. It deam light damage with high fire rate, decent capacity and high mobility.


It is a yellow sports foam finger with a "#1" printed on the hand's palms. Inside the finger, a revolver with its barrel pointing out of the index finger and the grip is under the glove. 


When the fire buttom is hold down, the gun will start firing bullets. Since its accuracy is bad, the bullets will spread once repeatedly fired. The gun will point up to the sky after each shot like normal revolvers do.

When reload is needed, the player will take care of its tip so the bullet won't stuck and ready for more shots. It has no delay what-so-ever.



  • Try to aim for the head as you kill to be able to kill foes faster.
  • Try to have a good weapon to switch to as you will be vulnerable when reloading.
  • Try to hit your opponent on the first shot, because its the most accurate.
  • This weapon has a high fire rate, so try to spray-and-pray with the gun.


  • Try to move around as players will have trouble aiming.
  • Kill players quickly with a weapon like the Big Buddy.

Recommended Maps

Equipment Setups

  • Bring an area damage gun and a scoped weapon for better gameplay. Do this because are damage allows you to easily finish them off without having to aim perfectly. Or start off with a Sniper, shoot their head, and use the revolver to finish them off.



  • Initial release.


  • This, the Football Cannon and the Penilizer are the unique weapons for the Royal Chests Event.
  • This makes it the 13th revolver to be in the game.
  • This weapon takes about 4-5 shots to kill.
  • When it shoots, it shows steam coming out of its barrel
  • Upon reloading, there seems to be no form of ammunition loading in or out of the gun.
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