The Fan’s Revolver is a Backup weapon introduced in the 15.1.0 update. This gun has poor accuracy on its repeated shots. Meaning, the bullets will spread once repeatedly fired.


It is a yellow sports foam finger with a "#1" printed on the hand's palms. Inside the finger, a revolver with its barrel pointing out of the index finger and the grip is under the glove.



  • Try to aim for the head as you kill to be able to kill foes faster.
  • Try to have a good weapon to switch to as you will be vulnerable when reloading.
  • Try to hit your opponent on the first shot, because its the most accurate.
  • This weapon has a high fire rate, so try to spray-and-pray with the gun.


  • Try to move around as players will have trouble aiming.
  • Kill players quickly with a weapon like the Big Buddy.

Recommended Maps

Equipment Setups

  • Bring an area damage gun and a scoped weapon for better gameplay. Do this because are damage allows you to easily finish them off without having to aim perfectly. Or start off with a Sniper, shoot their head, and use the revolver to finish them off.


  • This, the Football Cannon and the Penilizer are the unique weapons for the Royal Chests Event.
  • This makes it the 13th revolver to be in the game.
  • This weapon takes about 4-5 shots to kill.
  • When it shoots, it shows steam coming out of its barrel
  • Upon reloading, there seems to be no form of ammunition loading in or out of the gun.
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