The Fireball Gauntlet is a Heavy weapon introduced in the 16.7.0. update. They were unlockable for the 1st half of the Arcade Battle pass through super lottery blueprints.


It appears to be a pair of red gloves with fire emitters in the palm sections.


The weapon fires 3 fireballs when fully charged. It's a 3 shot burst (1shot) kill when fully charged.


  • Use against a large group of enemies because the area damage is massive.
  • Fire when fully charged.
  • The projectiles will auto-fire if you have been killed.
  • It is not advised to use this weapon for rocket jumping, you won't go up and you'll do a lot of self-explosion damage in the process.


  • Kill users with a 1 shot/wall breaker weapon. As soon as possible.
  • Beware, this weapon deals a very high amount of damage, try not to get hit by it.
  • Jump around so its uses will waste time trying to aim towards you.

Supported maps


Weapon setups

Bring any long-ranged weapon.


Using mini-nuclear reactor. One battery will be enough for 100 years. However you will need to change the condensators quite often. Warms your hands. And faces of your enemies.

Weapon's description in Gallery


  • It is the only charge shot weapon to fire multiple shots.
  • Despite being a heavy weapon, it has a similar design to the Power Fists and Steampunk Fists of the melee section.
  • The Fireball Gauntlet would probably be a nod towards Capcom's Street Fighter series as the primary method of attack for the Fireball Gauntlet is an attack reminiscent of the "Hadouken" move used by various characters.

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