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The Firecrackers is a Tools gadget introduced in the 11.4.0 update.


For each Firecracker, it is a tiny orange bomb which indicates a gray fuse, a gold top, 4 golden stripes, the Chinese symbol '火' (meaning 'fire') and the rest of it is red-orange. A small fire is burning on the gray fuse.

A player holding the Firecrackers (in the Armory).


It is a series of dangerously explosive firecrackers which automatically drop from you.


  • Activate this gadget when you find an enemy player, try running and dodging while the firecrackers drop.
  • Use this in close to medium range.
  • Use this against people with less than 47 life and armor points.
  • Due to it being a Contact Detonator, use this as a disadvantage to enemy players from the ability to shoot with non-wall break weapons.
  • Using these while being chased is a good way of killing enemies or keeping them at a distance long enough for you to escape them.


  • When you see a Firecracker, and you are mobile enough, try running away from it.
  • Kill players that are trying to automatically deploy Firecrackers.
  • Simply don't follow enemies if you notice them dropping Firecrackers.
  • Pick off users from a distance to avoid getting blown up by the explosives.


Kung-Fu themed.


  • This gadget is Kung-Fu themed.
  • This could've possibly been a Throwing gadget if you had to throw a Firecracker instead of automatically dropping multiple Firecrackers.
  • In the full info, it displays one Firecracker, while the Armory and the gadget panel icon indicate a group of Firecrackers.
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