If you wanna start a party, shoot it in the air! It will be legen-wait-for-it-dary! Legendary!

—Weapon's description in Gallery

The Firestarter is a Heavy weapon introduced in the 8.2.1 update.


It has a bright red pit stock, with a yellow dot on it. The base is a gray color, with a red hand hold. The end of the barrel is yellow. It is a re-skin of the Grenade Launcher.


It's a quite powerful weapon and inflicts high damage (1-2 shot) and does more damage than its counterpart. It is a 1 shot kill when the rocket hits the opponent directly. Each clip holds 1 Ammo out of 6, so 7 total. You start out with 4 in reserve.


  • Make your shots count, because the weapon can only be used once before reloading
  • Aim at the ground near the enemy to ensure that it will hit the enemy. This also grants the chance of a one shot kill with the increased Efficiency.
  • Use a gear piece such as the Demolition Cape or Bandit Bandage to make this weapon more reliable in a short to medium range scenario.
  • Use this in Block Crash, as the fast fire rate and the devastating damage to blocks make it a reliable weapon.


  • Move and strafe around the enemy to avoid getting inside the blast radius.
  • Be on the air always so he wil not easily hit you.
  • Pick off its user(s) from long ranges.

Recommended Maps

Equipment Setups

Have a reliable Primary or Backup weapon at hand such as Royal Fighter, Veteran, or Void Energy Pistol, as this weapon isn’t very reliable in most medium-range scenarios. Also bring a long-range Sniper like the Adamant Sniper Rifle.



  • The Firestarter is released into the game.


  • The weapon was given upgrades.


  • It is based on the M79 Grenade Launcher.
  • Despite the name, it does not have the Burning attribute.
    • In the Battle Pass Phoenix Order Event, it is available as a reward for the standard Battle Pass. Its current efficiency as of this event is 31 (from 23).
    • This, the Eva, the Heart of Volcano, the Viking, and the Napalm Cannon are the only weapons available to claim during the Battle Pass Phoenix Order Event.
  • It could be referencing a dubstep song "Firestarter" by FriskiNippa that can be seen here.
  • It has been brought back in the latest update as a reward for reaching Level 47 for the Silver Battle Pass.
  • It was brought back permanently in the Starter Pack along with Hand Minigun, and Tactical Tomahawk.
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