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The Flash Drive is a Backup weapon introduced in the 16.0.0 update.


It takes the appearance of a red blaster pistol.

It has a red body with a yellow/red grip at the back of the weapon and a red body. On the bottom, it has a Rubik's cube that powers the weapon and a binary ammo magazine acting as the ammo source.

The weapon also has a neon blue barrel with various connectors, and a blue holographic iron sight.


It has a low fire-rate (but multiple shots), medium-high efficiency, average capacity, and medium mobility. It takes a full burst and 1 shot from another burst to kill someone.


  • It has Multiple Shots, get into medium to close range battles.
  • Consider its burst-shot tied with area damage. It can be used against groups of players if you have mastered this weapon well.
  • If executing Category Spam by using this weapon, make sure all three mini-shots are released before switching weapons. Otherwise, you will waste the gun's capacity ineffectively.
  • This weapon has travel time, it's advised not to use it at long range.
  • Don't solely aim at the head, since it does not have head-shot multiplier.
  • Use this weapon to move around like a melee weapon.
  • Finish off weakened players.


  • Pick off the user at long range.
  • Strife while jumping to minimize the chances of getting hit.
  • Shotguns and weapons with area damage make quick work of users.
  • Jump around, travel time weapons have a hard time hitting players in mid-air.
  • Its projectiles are quite noticeable due to its travel time, allowing you to dodge them. However, do not let your guard down, since he may use this weapon for sneak attacks.

Supported maps

Weapon setups

This can be paired with a high damaging Sniper or Heavy weapon as a backup weapon to finish them off.


  • The name is a reference to a flash drive, a device using memory chips to store data. (e.g. USB sticks, SD cards, etc.) This continues the digital theme of the Campaign world 4 weapons.
  • It is used by Flash Drive Admins in the Citadel level.
  • The weapon, as well as the System Admin and the _0xbadc0de# are the starting weapons for Virtual Worlds.
  • This weapon works like a Reaper, both having the multiple shots attribute, having similar appearances, and having area damage. However, the Reaper has more shots, a faster fire rate, armor bonus, but slightly lower damage.
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