Flying Pig
The Flying Pig is an uncommon enemy that can be found in Sky Islands. It also appears in Wave 4 of Survival (Mode).


It is a pink pig, but with pink wings and its torso is ripped open, revealing its ribs. It is much bigger than a normal pig even when on the ground, it is roughly the size of the Red Slime Boss. It has small beady black eyes.


Difficulties Damage Health Speed
Easy 1 Heart new 3 Heart new Fast
Medium 1 Heart new 4 Heart new Fast
Hard 1 Heart new 5 Heart new Fast


It will fly towards the player, and when it's close enough, it will attack.


  • Aim with good accuracy because it is hard to hit this mob.



  • After the 4th wave in Survival, this mob will not appear again.
  • It looks similar to the pig mob in Minecraft, except for the fact that it has wings.
    • However, if you look closely, the bottom of the pig's ribs are showing, with greenish dots all over its body. This means it is possibly a zombie. It is unknown if it is infected.
    • If it is infected, then it might be a inderect refrence to the Zombie Pigman, in the same game.
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