The Frozen Lich Bow is a Sniper weapon introduced in the 15.7.0 update. It can be obtained for a limited time during the Christmas holidays in the Armory.


This bow is a blue and white predominant weapon, It has a white string, blue and white bow caster with an icicle arrow.


It has high damage output, medium fire rate, low capacity, and decent mobility. It is a 2 shot when maxed out, with area damage.


  • Use the area damage of this weapon to your advantage, this way you don't have to necessarily aim at the body, meaning you can aim at the ground right next to a player and still deal damage.
  • Have a back-up weapon ready because most of the time, this weapon is not a one-shot kill.
  • This weapon may have bullet travel, but the travel time is very fast.


  • Jump and maneuver around so the area damage does not affect you.
  • Pick off its users from long ranges.
  • Equip with weapons with (preferably) top-of-the-line mobility so as to give you time allowance to flee even when under slowing effect.



Supported Maps

Weapon Setups

You cannot 3 cat spam with this weapon unless you are counting primary weapons as one.

As with any other bow in the game, it has good accuracy, but travel time.


  • It is one of the few bows to feature area damage, the other one being the Cupid's bow.
  • You may not realize it, but this is one of the deadliest snipers, especially in close range, hence its area damage.
  • Its design is a little similar to the Shaman's Bow, only due to the fact that there are spikes sticking out of the bow.
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