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The Gallery is a feature introduced in the 16.5.0 update.


It is a feature in which all of the weapons a player has in their Armory (either bought or buyable) are present. They can be tested in the Polygon. It is unlocked at level 4.

Weapons can be bought alternatively using Coupons. If you buy 5 weapons you will receive 50, 100 or 200 coupons, depending on the number of the weapons owned. When you complete a weapon set you will receive a certain number of coupons.

Before the 16.6.0 update, weapons that used to be marked with a question mark couldn't be bought with coupons. However, as of 16.6.0 update, those weapons can now be shown in the Gallery and they can now be bought with coupons, but this was patched in 16.6.1.

The gallery is made out of different guns, and their description. The gallery contains every weapon in the game and when the player buys a new gun/weapon, it rewards them with gems. The amount of gems awarded from buying a new gun depends on how rare the weapon is. For example, the highest amount of gems a player can get from buying a weapon is 15, which is when you get a mythical weapon. Once the player gets 5 guns, they receive coupons, which can be exchanged for guns. The coupon award for getting five guns/weapons gets higher when you buy more guns.
Pixel Gun 3D 16.5 New Huge Updade - Gallery,Free weapons & gems

Pixel Gun 3D 16.5 New Huge Updade - Gallery,Free weapons & gems.New weapons & more-0

Gallery in Pixel gun


There are three tabs:

  1. Number: Indicates all of the weapons available catagorized in numbers in Pixel Gun 3D history (except the following: Lucky Strike, Bee Swarm Spell, Swarmer, Judge, Smart Bullet Bazooka and Nanobots Rifle).
  2. All: Indicates all of the weapons categorized into themes. Weapons that are not available anymore will have a question mark.
  3. Storage: Indicates all of the currently owned weapons.

Tapping on a weapon would reveal its grade, category, number, history and properties.

Note that weapons unavailable for purchase will appear as a question mark (e.g. old trader's van weapons, removed weapons)


Different rarity weapons have different coupon prices which are as follows:

  • Common - N/D
  • Rare - 50 coupons
  • Epic - 250 coupons
  • Legendary - 500 coupons
  • Mythical - 1000 coupons


  • As of the 16.5.0 update, some users have reported that they were unable to claim coupons for already completed sets.
  • They also skipped numbers 123, 136 and 375, possibly due to the fact that these weapons are completely removed from the game.
  • After first 16.6.0 update in Android version, there's a glitch that players can trade hidden weapons (weapons that have a question mark on it) somehow in "Set" section. The glitch was patched a few days later in a patch update. However, this glitch didn't appear in iOS version.
  • In 16.6.0, somehow, when the player bought shovels from the "Royale" section, it fills the "Guns needed" bar.


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Number Name Category Grade Set Properties
1 Pixel Gun Back Up Common Newbie Arsenal SingleShots
2 Shotgun Primary Common Newbie Arsenal Shotgun
3 Machine Gun Primary Common Newbie Arsenal Automatic
4 Old Revolver Back Up Common Campaign Reward SingleShots
5 Heavy Machine Gun Special Rare Campaign Reward Automatic
6 Miner Weapon Melee Rare World from Blocks Melee
7 Ak Mini Primary Rare Campaign Reward Automatic
8 Combat Knife Melee Common Newbie Arsenal Melee
9 Combat Rifle Primary Rare Military Inventory Automatic Scoped
10 Desert Eagle Back Up Rare N/A SingleShots Scoped
11 Mega Destroyer Primary Epic Pixel Gun Classic Scoped Shotgun
12 Swat Rifle Primary Rare Military Inventory Automatic Silent Scoped
13 Fast Death Back Up Rare N/A Semi-Auto
14 Battle Shovel Melee Common Newbie Loadout Melee
15 Pig Hammer Melee Common ? Melee
16 Hitman Pistol Back Up Rare World from Blocks SingleShots Silent Scoped
17 Knight Sword Melee Rare N/A Melee
18 Warrior Axe Melee Rare World from Blocks Melee Bleeding
19 Hunger Bow Sniper Rare Bow Maniac SingleShots Silent
20 Chainsaw Melee Rare N/A Chainsaw Melee
21 Crossbow Sniper Rare World from Blocks SingleShots Silent
22 Evil Pig Hammer Melee Epic World from Blocks Melee
23 Lava Flail Melee Rare Heart of Volcano Melee Burning
24 Wizard Wand Heavy Rare Ghosts & Shadows SingleShots AreaDamage
25 Double-barreled Shotgun Primary Rare Campaign Reward Shotgun
26 Alien Gun Back Up Rare Campaign Reward SingleShots
27 Army Rifle Primary Rare Campaign Reward Automatic Scoped
28 Christmas Sword Melee Epic Christmas, Again! Melee
29 Happy Tree Slayer Melee Rare N/A Melee
30 Guerrilla Rifle Sniper Rare Military Inventory SingleShots Scoped
31 Brutal Headhunter Sniper Rare N/A SingleShots Scoped
32 Uzi-uzi Primary Common Campaign Reward Automatic
33 Sniper Rifle Sniper Common Newbie Arsenral SingleShots Scoped
34 Apocalypse Heavy Rare Pixel Gun Classic Rockets AreaDamage Scoped
35 Prototype Sniper Epic No Escape SingleShots WallBreak Scoped
36 High Voltage Special Legendary System shock Electro-Thrower
37 Grenade Launcher Heavy Rare War Never Changes LoopingShot AreaDamage
38 Firestorm Heavy Rare N/A SingleShots Scoped LoopingShotAreaDamage
39 Armageddon Heavy Legendary Pixel Gun Classic Rockets AreaDamage Scoped
40 Anti-gravity Blaster Heavy Rare Overheated Plasma SingleShots AreaDamage
41 Marksman Primary Rare Military Inventory Automatic Scoped
42 Katana Melee Rare Samurai Traditions Melee Bleeding
43 Big Buddy Heavy Legendary N/A SingleShots AreaDamage
44 Old Comrade Backup Rare War Never Changes SingleShots
45 Eindringling Primary Epic War Never Changes Automatic
46 Brave Patriot Primary Rare War Never Changes Automatic
47 State Defender Primary Epic Country's Proud Automatic Scoped
48 Bass Cannon Heavy Rare Not Even a Gun! SingleShots AreaDamage
49 Sparkly Blaster Backup Uncommon Guns From Fans SingleShots AreaDamage
50 Cherry Bomb Heavy Epic Guns From Fans SingleShots Scoped LoopingShot AreaDamage
51 AK-48 Primary Rare Military Inventory Automatic Scoped
52 Freeze Ray Rifle Special Legendary Cryotechnology Automatic Laser SlowsDownTarget
53 Steam Power Primary Uncommon Steam Power Shotgun
54 Flower Power Back Up Rare Guns From Fans SingleShots AreaDamage
55 Steam Revolver Back Up Legendary Steam Power SingleShots Scoped
56 Scythe Melee Rare Samurai Traditions Melee CriticalDamage
57 Plasma Rifle Primary Uncommon Overheated Plasma Automatic Scoped AreaDamage
58 Plasma Pistol Back Up Rare Overheated Plasma SingleShots AreaDamage
59 Hot Plasma Pistol Back Up Rare N/A None
60 Razor Thrower Special Epic Pixel Gun Classic SingleShots PiercingShot Bleeding
61 Flaming Volcano Special Uncommon Heart of Volcano Flamethrower Burning
62 Plasma Releaser Back Up Legendary Guns From Fans SingleShots AreaDamage Scoped
63 Automatic Peacemaker Primary Epic Pixel Gun Classic Automatic Minigun
64 Elephant Hunter Sniper Legendary N/A SingleShots Scoped
65 Dark Force Saber Melee Legendary From Far Far Galaxy Melee Burning
66 Fire Demon Melee Legendary Heart of Volcano Melee Burning
67 Dark Mage Wand Heavy Legendary Heart of Volcano SingleShots AreaDamage Burning
68 Dragon Breath Heavy Legendary Burning Lasers Automatic Laser
69 Magic Bow Sniper Uncommon Bow Maniac SingleShots Burning Silent
70 Missile Thrower Heavy Legendary N/A SingleShots Scoped RocketsAreaDamage
71 Firestarter Heavy Legendary N/A SingleShots LoopingShot AreaDamage
72 Crystal Laser Cannon Primary Legendary Pixel Gun Classic Automatic
73 Hellraiser Primary Epic Haloween! Automatic Scoped
74 Pumpkin Thrower Heavy Legendary Haloween! SingleShots LoopingShot AreaDamage
75 Dual Machine Guns Back Up Legendary N/A SingleShots Automatic
76 Laser Minigun Heavy Legendary Burning Lasers Automatic WallBreak
77 Signal Pistol Heavy Common Newbie Loadout Rockets AreaDamage
78 "Predator" Primary Legendary Pixel Gun Classic Shotgun
79 Dual Revolvers Backup N/A SingleShots
80 Snowball Gun Special Pixel Gun Classic
81 "Avalanche" Heavy Pixel Gun Classic
82 Heavy Shotgun Primary N/A Shotgun
83 Solar Ray Rifle Special Legendary Burning Lasers Automatic Laser
84 Water Pistol Backup Steam Power SingleShots AreaDamage
85 Solar Power Cannon Heavy Legendary Pixel Gun Classic SingleShots AreaDamage
86 Water Rifle Primary Steam Power
87 Dater Hater Sniper Valentine's Day SingleShots Scoped
88 Last Kiss Primary Valentine's Day Shotgun
89 Carrot Sword Melee Easter Melee CriticalDamage
90 Easter Bazooka Heavy Easter Scoped AreaDamage
91 Exterminator Backup No Escape SingleShots Scoped WallBreak
92 Assault Machine Gun Primary Military Inventory Automatic AreaDamage
93 Impulse Sniper Rifle Sniper Bursting Lasers SingleShots Scoped PiercingShot
94 Stinger Heavy Like a REMBO Rockets ManualGuidance Scoped
95 Secret Forces Rifle Primary Military Inventory Automatic Scoped Silent
96 "Sunrise" Sniper Neo Wild West SingleShots Scoped
97 "Bastion" Heavy N/A SingleShotsLoopingShot AreaDamage
98 Dual Hawks Backup Military Inventory SingleShots Scoped
99 Storm Hammer Melee System Shock Melee AreaDamage
100 _0xbadc0de# Heavy Campaign Reward SingleShots AreaDamage
Not 100 Onward Electro Blast Rifle Sniper System Shock SingleShots Scoped AreaDamage
101 Photon Shotgun Primary Heart of Volcano Shotgun Burning
102 Mines Launcher Heavy

SingleShots  LoopingShot ContactDetonator AreaDamage

103 Dark Matter Generator Heavy From a Far Away Galaxy SingleShots AreaDamage
104 Hydra Heavy Beasty MultipleShots AreaDamage
105 Tactical Bow Sniper SingleShots Scoped
106 Future Rifle Sniper Open Space
107 Rapid Fire Rifle Primary Military Inventory
108 Dual Uzi Primary Like a REMBO
109 Laser Disc Thrower Special
110 Tesla Cannon Heavy System Shock
111 Photon Pistol Backup Heart of Volcano
112 Fire Orb Melee Heart of Volcano
113 Pet Dragon Special Beasty
114 Alligator Special Beasty
115 Hippo Heavy Beasty
116 Alien Cannon Heavy Alien Technology
117 Alien Blaster Backup Alien Technology
118 Bouquet Melee Pro Dater
119 Mr. Deejay Backup Pro Dater
120 Cupid's Bow Sniper Pro Dater
121 Alien Rifle Primary Alien Technology
122 Vacuumizer Special Burning Lasers
123 Fireworks Launcher Heavy Pro Dater
124 Shotgun Pistol Backup Masters of War
125 Ranger Rifle Primary Military Inventory
126 Pitbull Backup Beasty
127 Tiger Melee Beasty
128 Balloon Cannon Primary Pro Dater
129 Mech Heavy Rifle Primary Masters of War
130 Shuriken Thrower Special Samurai Traditions
131 Flamethrower Special Common Newbie Arsenal
132 Snowball Special Pro Dater
133 Laser Crossbow Sniper From a Far Away Galaxy
134 Nutcracker Heavy Christmas, Again
135 Space Rifle Sniper From a Far Away Galaxy
136 Icicle Minigun Primary
137 Portable Death Moon Special
138 Candy Baton Primary
139 Hockey Stick
140 Space Blaster
141 Golden Friend
142 Ka-Boom!
143 Dual Shotguns
144 Anti-Hero Rifle
145 Harpoon Gun
146 Red Twins
147 Poison Hunter
148 Nuclear Revolver
149 Nail Minigun
150 Dual Machete
151 Infiltrator
152 Gas Launcher
153 Laser Bouncer
154 Fireball Spell
155 Frost Beam Spell
156 Thunder Spell
157 Turbo Pistols
158 Laser Bow
159 Loud Piggy
160 Trapper
161 Chainsaw Sword
162 Dead Star
163 Toy Bomber
164 Zombie Head
165 Mr. Squido
166 Rocket Crossbow
167 Spark Shark
168 Power Claw
169 Zombie Slayer
170 Acid Cannon
171 Frank Sheepone
172 Ghost Launcher
173 Semi Auto Sniper Rifle
174 Electromagnetic Cannon
175 Barrier Rifle
176 Demoman
177 Charge Rifle
178 Minigun Pistol
179 Bad Doctor
180 Dual Laser Blasters
181 Toxic Bane
182 Charge Cannon
183 Heavy Shocker
184 Ruler Sword
185 Pencil Thrower
186 Napalm Cannon
187 Sword of Shadows
188 Dracula
189 X-Mas Destroyer
190 Santa Sword
191 Snow Storm
192 Heavy Gifter
193 Bell Revolver
194 Elf's Revenge
195 Photon Sniper Rifle
196 Sub Zero
197 Mercenary
198 Laser Spear
199 Nunchucks
200 Double Dragon
201 Love Spell
202 Casanova
203 Romeo & Juliet
204 Grenadier
205 Impulse Minigun
206 Electric Arc
207 Railgun
208 Rocket Jumper
209 Assault Shotgun
210 Plasma Spreader
211 Meat Grinder
212 Big Fatality Gun
213 Blade of Justice
214 Minigun Shotgun
215 Tactical Tomahawk
216 Masterpiece Musket
217 Executioner
218 Serious Argument
219 Piranha
220 One Shot
221 Impulse Rifle
222 Combat Yo-Yo
223 Orbital Pistol
224 Law Enforcer
225 Fidget Thrower
226 Celebrational Bazooka
227 Thunderer
228 Combat Slinger
229 Future Sniper Rifle
230 B.E.A.S.T. Rockets PiercingShot Poison
231 Invader
232 Core Sword
233 Hedgehog
234 Third Eye
235 Eraser
236 Excalibur
237 Poseidon Trident
238 Reaper
239 Void Ray Rifle
240 Black Mamba
241 Chip Sword
242 Vampire Hunter
243 Mountain Wolf
244 Hurricane
245 Dino Slayer
246 Soulstone
247 Electrosphere
248 Prototype S
249 Frozen Dragon
250 Special Agent
251 Power Fists
252 Undertaker
253 Astral Bow
254 Music Lover
255 Veteran
256 Mini Alien Spaceship
257 Flag Keeper
258 Leader's Sword
259 Christmas Ultimatum
260 Laser Assistant
261 Dual Cryo Pistols
263 Elder Force Saber
264 Champion Mercenary
265 Champion Peacemaker
266 Adamant Laser Cannon
267 Adamant Revolver
268 Adamant Spear
269 Champion Electric Arc
270 Adamant Sniper Rifle
271 Anti-Champion Rifle
272 Champion Solar Cannon
273 Adamant Bomber
275 Little Cthulhu
276 Curse Spell
277 Airblade Spell
278 Poison Spell
279 Earth Spike Spell
280 Shadow Spell
281 Dragon King
282 Angry Pumpkin
283 Steampunk Fists
284 Electro-Blast Pistol
285 Wyvern
286 Hero
287 Sly Avenger
288 Reflector
289 Sakura
290 Deadly Beat
291 Killer Whale
292 Renegade
293 Demon Sword
294 Emperor's Servants
295 Storm Trooper Exoskeleton
296 Sniper Exoskeleton
297 Demolition Exoskeleton
298 Hitman Exoskeleton
299 Berserk Exoskeleton
300 Engineer Exoskeleton
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