A Ghost

The Ghost is a common enemy in the Cemetery map.



Damage: 1 Heart new

Health: 2 Heart new

Speed: Fast


Damage: 1 Heart new

Health: 4-5 Heart new

Speed: Fast


Damage: 1 Heart new

Health: 5-6 Heart new

Speed: Fast


Its tentacles and shape give the Ghost an appearance similar to a jellyfish. The Ghost is white with gray specks in it, has red eyes and a deformed mouth. It can also be seen. It has a total of 5 tentacles.

It is also seen in the form of a Blue Ghost. The Blue Ghost is the boss of this level and pretty much a blue-skinned version with higher stats. There is also a castle counterpart, the Castle Ghost.

When it dies, it seems to attack at first, but isn't actually. This can give a fright to those trying to three star levels, but only when killing them at very close ranges.



  • The ghost is somewhat based on the Ghast from Minecraft.
    • The death sound of the ghost is also similar to the death scream of the Ghast from Minecraft.
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