The Gift Stitcher is a Primary weapon introduced in the 15.7.0 update. It can be obtained for a limited time during the Christmas holidays in the Armory.


It is an energy based weapon that’s mostly blue with grey and yellow details. The model of it is close to the Toxic Bane, but modified.


The weapon deals substantial damage and features a good ammo capacity, but suffers from a slow fire rate and reload speed. This weapon is very deadly in close range as it can 1-2 shot players in close range. It’s possible to get a long range kill with this, but you won’t deal that much damage since it’s a shotgun.


  • This weapon is very accurate for a shotgun. It is able to deal decent damage to enemies at a short to long distance.
  • This weapon will kill players in one shot if all the bullets land on the head.
  • This weapon can inflict the bleeding effect onto enemies, which adds about 6 damage points onto the original hit over time.
  • Unlike every other shotgun, the bullets can travel for an infinite distance, but be aware that it isn't very accurate at long distances
  • You can possibly use this as a primary for 3 category spam if you are good enough with it. (It has no delay)
  • Its reload rate is VERY slow, so be careful when reloading


  • Pick off users with long ranged weapons such as the Anti-Champion Rifle.
  • Strafe around the enemy as the fire rate is quite slow.
  • Attack the user when they’re reloading.

Recommended Maps

Equipment Setups


  • It is actually one of the most powerful shotguns when maxed out, despite it being an Epic grade.
  • This weapon shares exact same animation as Toxic Bane
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