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The Gifted Revolvers is a Backup weapon introduced in the 15.7.0 update. It can be obtained for a limited time during the Christmas holidays in the Armory.


They are a pair of old-style revolvers popping out of a two blue Christmas gift boxes with a yellow tape.


It has very good damage, a below average fire rate, a decent ammo capacity, and a good mobility. It is a 2 shot when maxed out.

  • The Gifted Revolvers boast high damage and satisfactory capacity.
  • It has, however, a below average rate of fire.
  • It's recommended to use this weapon in mid-range battles. Considering the absence of a scope, firing against distant enemies can be extremely difficult, especially when the opponent is moving.
  • Close enemies are similarly difficult to deal with due to the time the Gifted Revolvers take to deal damage to an opponent.
  • Aim for the head to maximize damage and shoot only when you are sure to hit the target.


  • Approaching Gift Revolvers users fast carrying a Melee weapon is a good strategy.
  • Keep moving to avoid its lethal bullets.
  • Area damage weapons can easily disorient its users.

Supported Maps

Weapon Setups

  • Use a Primary weapon to finish off wounded enemies and to protect from both Melee and long range attackers.


  • It is essentially the Christmas version of the Dual Revolvers, considering the blue gifts replacing the receiver.
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