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This is a removed content. It is no longer available in Pixel Gun 3D.
Removed Symbol

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The Golden Laser Cannon in use.

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The Golden Laser Cannon was the 2nd form of the Laser Cannon and is similar to the Automatic Peacemaker M1 or M2. It is found in the Heavy section of the Armory.


It has a golden base, with a golden shoulder stock. Red dots lead up to a large red clip. It's barrel is equipped with three red rings and it.


It is a projectile weapon, along with its base. The Golden Laser Cannon fires with an extreme rate with nine rounds per second. Each clip holds 45 rounds of ammo, with an additional 135 in the reserve. This can be maxed out to 225 rounds in reserve, totaling to 270 rounds of ammo.


  • This weapon, along with its downgrade, was the only bullet-shooting projectile weapon in the Heavy section.
  • It used to be called the Golden Redstone Cannon, but was changed due to issues with Mojang. The ammo holder, however, still resembles the Redstone Block.
  • It's fire speed is the similar to the Automatic Peacemaker.