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The Good Doctor is a community-created Special weapon introduced in the 13.5.0 update. This weapon was created by Charles López.


It is a reskinned version of the Bad Doctor.


This weapon deals a decent amount of damage, a slow rate of fire, an average capacity, and a relatively average mobility. The Lifesteal and bleeding attributes, give this weapon extra points on the utility side, making it perfect for weakening or finishing off enemies.


  • Use this weapon similar to the Bad Doctor.
  • To conserve ammo, engage the users at close ranges.
    • Note that this weapon also has travel time, so use it in a short to medium range.
  • Since this weapon has the Lifesteal attribute, try attacking someone when you are at low health.


  • Try attacking from a distance, since this weapon does not perform very well at long-ranges.
  • High DPS or High fire rate weapons, should be able to take these users out fairly easy.


Doctor/Hospital themed.

Supported Maps

Weapon Setups

Try having a weapon that is decently good at long-ranges. Sniper weapons would be ideal but also try keeping a weapon with either a fast reload or a high ammo capacity, just in case this weapon runs out of ammo.


  • The "Good Doctor" is the (uncreative) opposite of the Bad Doctor.
  • It is the fourth weapon processed with the Lifesteal attribute, another being, the Dracula, the Anime Scythe, and the Engineer Exoskeleton.
  • This, along with Multitaskers, the Soul Thief and the Last Hope are 3018 weapon contest winners.
    • Originally, this weapon is supposed to be able to heal your teammates. However, that feature never made it pass beta. It was probably removed due to balancing reasons.