Green Slime

The Old Green Slime Texture.

The Green Slime is a very common enemy found on many levels in the campaign.


Difficulty Health Damage Speed
Easy 6Heart new 2Heart new Mediocre
Medium 8Heart new 3Heart new Mediocre
Hard 10Heart new 3Heart new Mediocre


It appears to be a green cube with a smaller green cube with a face coming out the front. It only has one eye and has 4 black 'teeth'. Its skin is a variety of many different shades of green. It has 4 cubes throughout its entire body.


They will hastly crawl their way over to the player. At the last second, it will extend its "face" to "bite" or "head-butt" the player, dealing minimal damage.



  • Due to copyright issues with Mojang, the Pixel Gun Company was forced to change the model and appearance of the Green Slime.
  • The Ice Slime, Red Slime, and the Orange Slime are recolors of it. The Red Slime Boss is a bigger version of a recolored version (Red Slime).
  • This is one of the weakest enemies in the game, the others being the SpiderRobot Drone, and other crawling mobs.
  • It is unknown how the slimes were created. Campaign mostly focuses on a zombie apocalypse. Perhaps some chemical was infected during the outbreak.
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