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This article describes a Pixel Gun 3D weapon. If you're looking for the same weapon in Pixel Gun World, see Grenade Launcher (PGW).

The Grenade Launcher is a Heavy weapon introduced in the 5.3.0 update.


It has a wooden shoulder stock and base, with a metal barrel. It has a non-functional standard iron sight.

IMG 0126

The rocket jump tactic.

Screenshot 2015-07-30-23-29-19

The Grenade Launcher in use.


It has a good (depending on the level) damage, a decent rate of fire, an normal and regular capacity, and average.


  • When firing, the grenade is shot in an arc, so aim high above the enemy's head when firing at medium to long range.
  • Use it against 
  • You can use this weapon to Rocket Jump, however, it is not recommended due to the low ammo capacity.
  • Make your shots count and be effective as they can as there aren't very many grenades it can hold.
  • It is ideal for mowing down heavily-armored enemies.
  • Aim at the ground near the enemy to ensure that it will hit them unless they tend to jump and move a lot.
  • Due to the low damage, it is recommended to use this in the lowest bracket, unless it is a higher leveled weapon (such as it being a lvl 55 weapon, for example).
  • Max-upgrade this weapon so as to be useable in higher levels.


  • Pick off its users from long ranges.
  • Move around the user to avoid getting inside the blast radius.
  • Rocket jump to a decent sniping spot with a roof because this weapon is heavily affected by gravity.
  • Attack its users from behind.



Supported Maps

Weapon Setups

Have an alternative weapon that you can use to defend yourself once the weapon has been used.


  • It is based off the real world M79 grenade launcher.
  • This weapon was formerly the first form of the Firestorm G2 (removed), however as of the 8.1.0 update they were separated and made into individual weapons.
  • This, the Apocalypse (and its upgrades), the Signal Pistol, the Firestarter, bows, spells, and the Easter Bazooka (and its upgrades) are the only weapons that have a capacity of 1. The Ghost Lantern and the Laser Spear also technically have 1 capacity, despite their stats.
  • As of the 12.5.0 update, it was removed from the Lucky Chest.
  • In the 12.6.0 update, upgrades were added.
  • If fully-maxed (being lvl 55), it takes two or three shots to kill a fully-armored enemy.
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