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The Grey Cat is a pet introduced in the 13.5.0 Update. This pet is a reskin of the Cat


This pet resembles the Cat, but its fur color is completely different. It's in fact dark gray, almost blue, while the pet's eyes are yellow.



  • Due to its low stats, it's mostly useful against low levelled players or unarmored users.
  • Just like other pets, it will teleport to you when it gets too far.


  • As this pet is very weak, use low powered weapons to take it out, as it would be meaningless to take it out with high-powered weapons.


Level Speed Respawn Upgrade Cost Training Points Required
1 4 15 Default None
2 4 15 30 Coin 2
3 4 15 70 Coin 4
4 4 15 110 Coin 8
5 4 15 150 Coin 16
6 4 15 80 Gem 32
7 4 15 160 Gem 64
8 4 15 240 Gem 128


  • It's probably based off a grey cat breed such as the British Shorthairs.They are a popular breed and are recognisable due to their solid stature, short tail and their dense, short coat.
    Grey Cat irl

    A British shorthair cat.

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