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Insert PG3D template if this enemy is exclusive to PG3D, or PGW template if this enemy is exclusive to PGW, or BothPG if this enemy appears in both games.

Tell it if it's an common/uncommon enemy or a boss in it's respective level.


Describe of how it looks.


Small description about the enemy's/boss' behavior.


Detail the enemy's/boss' stats in each mode (Easy, Medium, Hard). Organize them in a table, like this:

Difficulty Damage Health Speed
Easy Example Example Example
Medium Example Example Example
Hard Example Example Example


Trivial description.


Copy the following layout and paste it in the source editing area. Note that in the table, you need to add the value before {{health}}.

The '''{{PAGENAME}}''' is a...
{| class="article-table mw-collapsible mw-collapsed" style="float:center"

Guide Notes

  • To determine an enemy's health, equip the Pixel Gun and always aim for the body. 1 shot = 1Heart new.
    • Avoid wearing any accessories that increases damage, giving inaccurate data in result.
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