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Insert PG3D template here if this weapon form is exclusive to PG3D, or PGW template if this weapon is exclusive to PGW or BothPG if this weapon exists in both games. Insert the Removed template if this weapon is removed.

<Page Name Here> is a weapon. Put a small description on what this weapon is. Not all info goes in the introduction.


Put a combination of a brief description of the looks, its performance and its weapon statistics.


How the weapon looks.



How to use effectively.


How to kill others who use it.


Add an image and the skins available for a weapon.

Supported Maps

What maps to use this on (for example Pool Party if this weapon is suitable for close range, or Heaven Garden if this weapon is suitable for long range).

Weapon Setups

What other weapons to equip along this one to be the most effective.


Insert unimportant information for this weapon here.


Insert Gallery here (optional).

Insert weapon type template here. If this weapon is removed, then insert the Removed_Weapons template.


Copy the following layout and paste it in the source editing area:

{{Infobox item}}The '''{{PAGENAME}}''' is a...

== Appearance ==
== Strategy ==
==Supported Maps==
==Weapon Setups==
== Trivia ==
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