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Gun Crafting is a feature introduced in the 13.0.0 update, after the revamp of the Clans System.

Crafting Weapons

Clans: A clan member can participate in clan quests / Clan Raids to obtain Clan Silver, which can be used to purchase chests in the Clan Store that contain weapon parts, fort parts, and modules. They can also be gifted by other members or purchased with Gems or IAPs. Weapons in/below a clan's division can be obtained. They cannot be obtained with Coupons.

Events: Limited time events grant the player access to getting 3 weapons an possibly an avatar, if included. The events consist of "Dice Games" which are considered the hardest, "Card Games," and "Rectangle Games." The first initial spin is free, but he rest after cost gems. Free spins refresh after a limited amount of time, typically 1-3 days. They can additionally be refreshed to their free spin state, at the cost of 50 gems.

Lotteries: Lotteries give players access to keys, which in turn, open chests. These chests contain weapon parts that are used to craft weapons.

Fully Monetized: An alternate route to all of the above three methods that doesn't include coupons is paying cash to buy all 250 parts of any given weapon. This can be done for all weapons apart from battle pass buildup weapons.


See also; Category:Parts Items


  • Old-gen clan guns were reskins of other guns, aside from the Veteran. these guns have since been made unobtainable apart from microtransactions and limited time reappearances. New-gen clan weapons are original and all Mythical.
  • In a unknown update, crafting time for weapons was buffed to make it instantaneous. Prior to that, you couldn't get a weapon instantly, which served no use.
  • The first event set to appear was the Cyber Santa event.
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