The Hand Gatling is Primary weapon introduced in the 15.5.0 update.


It is a brown minigun that automatically shoots a lot of bullets at a fast fire rate. This minigun has high efficiency per second, a high fire rate, high capacity, and great mobility.


It appears to be an 1862 handheld “Gatling gun”, But unlike its hand-cranked real-life counterpart, it is fully automatic and has only 4 barrels.


This weapon automatically shoots regular bullets with instant bullet travel time. Its accuracy slightly decreases after every few shots while spraying and praying. It has an automatic attribute and a minigun attribute, which gives it a small delay before shooting.

When reloading, the clip from the weapon's bottom is taken out and is replaced by another. It has no delay mechanics.



  • Stay moving with this weapon, since snipers may abound in a hidden area in an effort to hunt you down while you attempt to execute multiple enemies using this weapon.
  • Remember that you need enough time to kill them. It should not take too long, but try to dodge the incoming attacks.
  • It has a fairly above-average accuracy, so you can use this in long ranges, provided you are skilled enough in the process.
  • Its high fire rate allows you to shred multiple enemies in a single magazine use. Remember to land headshots.
    • Equip max Primary booster wears and Piercing Shells to increase its Efficiency per shot significantly.
  • Make sure to keep the barrel spinning (not firing the weapon) until target spotted and fire away.
    • If one wants to unleash bullet storm within a short period of time without stopping, equip Turbo Charger.
  • Use this to weaken/finish off targets.
  • Take cover when reloading, as its reload speed is sluggish.
  • Using this weapon to provide suppression fire for your teammate is highly recommended.


  • Engage its users in a long-range attack, but take note that experienced users can easily kill you in that range.
  • Any well-placed one-shot kill weapons can be proven victorious.
  • Area damage weapons can be used to disorient its users.
  • Its reload speed is atrocious, so you can easily put its users off guard by killing them while they are reloading.
  • Other automatic weapons can overpower him/her.
    • This weapon itself may be used as the last effort to counter if all failed.

Recommended Maps

Equipment Setups

Equip any one-shot kill weapon. 



Initial release.


In the 15.9.0 update, it was given the minigun attribute, making it have to take a short period of time to spin up in order for it to fire.


  • Unlike its real-life counterpart:
    • It appears to not need cranking in order to fire.
    • It is used by only one person whereas the latter requires four crews to operate a single Gatling Gun.
  • This, Champion Peacemaker, Hand Minigun, Excalibur are the only Minigun-based weapons that have the Mythical grade.
  • The gold appearance on the gatling is from "The Brass Beast" from Team Fortress 2.
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