The Heart of Volcano is a heavy weapon introduced in the 15.2.0 update. It is obtained during the Battle Pass Phoenix Order themed event.


This weapon has a dark red base color and a red hot carbine within the barrel. The butt of the weapon is red and gray.


This weapon deals high damage like most heavy weapons, it has a decent capacity and mobility. It's chain damage reaches further than most other chain damaging weapons.


  • Use this how you would use the Electromagnetic Cannon, as they work similarly.
  • This weapon does a small to a medium size of area damage in this update so it is very effective.
  • Try to use this against enemies that are close together as its chain reaction can hit multiple enemies.
  • The weapons travel time makes this less useful at long ranges, try switching to a sniper weapon that has no travel time like Anti-Hero Rifle or the Supercharged Rifle.
  • This weapon deals the one of the highest damages per second in the game.


  • Pick off it's users at long range.
  • Avoid going near friendly players and entities, as it's chain damage can reach you if you are close to their targets.
  • Try strafing around its users since this weapon does not deal area damage.
  • To fully counter this weapon, you need a full armour set and a barrier rifle. Use the barrier rifle to block the rockets then switch to the Excalibur or Viking to quickly eliminate the user. And if you wonder why you need to be fully armoured, this is because you might miss some shots and you can get killed easily whereas if you have the extra armour, the extra armour will absorb it.


Volcanic Themed

Weapon Setups

Bring a good Sniper to use for longer ranges such as Sakura or Flag Keeper. If you want, you can also bring a splash damaging weapon like Spender, Toxic Bane or Gum Rifle for use against multiple foes, although the chain damage of this weapon can reach all of the foes as well. Therefore, this action isn’t recommended.


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