The Heartbreakers is a Special weapon introduced in the 15.99.0 update.


It is the pair of items being the knife and a shield with pink hearts on it.



  • Aim for the head to deal more damage.
  • Defying its looks, you throw a "knife" while you hold a shield.
  • Unfortunately, the shield does not give more armor points.
  • Just like non-reloading Special weapons, it is not recommended to use the Oilcan module or Explosive Ammo module combo on this weapon as it lacks a reload animation.
  • Aim well since it has travel time.
  • Use this against those who wield powerful weapons.
  • Like most melee-looking Special weapons, it does not work the way it looks.


  • Be wary of the Charm attribute, since it allows this weapon to reduce your weapon efficiency if used correctly.
  • Any ranged weapons can easily outmaneuver its users.
  • Attack its users from behind so he will not be give more reaction time to retaliate.
  • Engage its users in a long range attack.
  • Contrary to what its appearance suggests, it is a ranged weapon, so be aware of it.
  • Shotguns can beat its users in close ranges and ambushes.

Recommended Maps

Equipment Setups

This weapon serves well as a close range weapon to weaken players with. Equip a Primary and Sniper weapon to deal with enemies at farther ranges.


  • It is one of the few weapons that beguiles the enemies with its appearance not representative to its category.
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